Multiple App Installs with IPwnStore Is Now Easier Then Ever. “Duplicate Apps”

So as you all know IPwnStore has never really had the feature to do multiple app installs “duplicate apps”. Well they did and it got broken but still worked kinda. But now it’s very simple to do multiple app installs “duplicate apps”. All you have to do is login at the iOS dashboard and toggle on the button in overwrite or duplicate mode. 

Now what this will do is any app signed from the iOS app or dashboard will now install duplicate versions of the signed app. So let’s say for some reason you want 4 copies of PokemonGO. You will need to sign PokemonGO 4 times and install each one of them. Now remember this is still being worked on and we hope to see no problems from this. “Fingers crossed”. But for now enjoy and let us know if you find any bugs.