AMC Releases Walking Dead IOS Game!

It looks like AMC has released a new Walking Dead game in the AppStore. This game looks to be centered around Daryl and for some reason he has taken time off from the old gang we all know and love. Sadly Norman Reedus does not provide the voice over for the game. So that might throw you off a bit. But I am sure you will get use too it. 

As most of you know the live action Walking Dead game was pulled from the AppStore due to iOS compatibility problems. And we now have this game just show up. And from the players I have talked to they like this one better. Comments on the AppStore state. 

It seems like someone asked two different developers to make the same game. But this one just happens to be better. 

So get to the AppStore and check out AMCs new Walking Dead game and get ready for this weekends season opener of Walking Dead!


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