Anemone Winterboard Substitute Could Be Going Public.

Looks like the new theme engine Anemone could be going to public builds with builds every night! This is kind of fun news to see that someone has taken on work for a new theme engine. But the question stands what will it change for themers? Will existing themes still work without making changes to them?
Right now Anemone is in a private beta but has been leaked to some other repos. And the developers where not to happy about this. Stating that they will remove the testers that leaked it from the beta program. I guess they decided to take it one step further and release a public beta type application.
I have saw pictures of Anemone and I do give it this the look and feel is very smooth. And Winterboard could take some notes on that. But it’s still to be said if Anemone will over take the theme world.

Add this repo for a public beta of Anemone
Looks like they changed it to
Remember it’s nightly builds so keep checking your Cydia.


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