Apple May Bring Wireless Charging to its Devices

Rumors have been going on for a while now that the next generation of iDevices could include wireless charging capabilities, and now the rumors might become a reality. Apple has posted a job listing for a Sr. Wireless Charging Design Engineer recently, which could mean that we could see wireless charging in the upcoming iPhone 6s/7 released later this year.

Wireless charging is not a new technology, making a popular entrance with the PowerMat. At the moment, the only way to wirelessly charge a device is to connect a special attachment, and then lay the device on top of a mat in order to start charging. When the technology is integrated into the device, it will still need to be laid on a mat, but there won’t be a need for separate equipment. Furthermore, it looks like Samsung got ahead of Apple, as the Galaxy S6 will have wireless charging included at launch.

We hope to see additional applicationsĀ for wireless charging, specially car docks, removing the need to have additional charging cables in the car, or taking yours altogether.


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