Apple TV 4! Will You Get One?

Tomorrow we all hope that Apple will release a new Apple TV. There has been a few rumors that it will be a Game Centered device. And that the price could be anywhere from $150 to $200 on the high end. And the remote could have Wii like features as well as a touch screen. Personally I hope they have a app that your phone becomes a remote for games or a separate video game remote. 

It makes sense that Apple will bring a AppStore to the Apple TV. To be honest it’s a great untapped market for Apple. And this could very well help out app developers to. Could you see having some friends over and playing a game of AngryBirds, Or a game of FlappyBird? The abilitys would be unlimited if Apple brought a AppStore to the Apple TV. It could also help with a jailbreak of the Apple TV 4. We would most likely see a hard drive or some type of storage on the Apple TV. Let’s hope it’s not all cloud storage! Lol 

So with the possibility of a higher price will you buy a Apple TV 4? Do you think we could see a AppStore brought to the Apple TVs? Let us know what you think.  


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