Big Pebble Watch Update!


It looks like there is a big update for the Pebble watch. If you are like me and use your Pebble watch a lot. This update is something that you will not want to miss. Read what the update offers below.

Version 1.3.0 of the Pebble Smartwatch app supports Apple’s iOS 7 notification system for the iPhone 4s and higher, allowing all Notification Center alerts to be displayed on the watch face. Previously, notification alerts were limited to calls and text messages, but now the Pebble Smart Watch is able to display notifications from apps like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Calendar, Instagram, and more.

This update does work with tweetbot v3, and that makes me happy. For most that have lost their jailbreak by now you cant use BTNotificationEnabler and how incoming tweets stopped getting push to your watch. Then jump on this update ASAP.

The update was not very compliant to install I had to follow Oldgit9 and TuroIsANerd guide that he posted on twitter to get my device to update. I will post it below for you so if you have problems you can follow it.