Can The Year 1970 Brick Your IOS Device?

So I was worried to post about this because I knew I would have users want to try it once they read it. 

On Reddit there has been a post about changing your date all the way back to 1970 that once you reboot the device it will be stuck on the Apple logo and a dfu restore won’t fix it. It’s been said that removing the battery from the device will reset the date and fix the date and time. We don’t advise doing this at all. 

If you read the Reddit post a few users have tried stating that their device booted fine after the date change to 1970. But we would still urge you to not try this. The process is below. There is a repo that has a tweak to stop this from being used as a attack on a iOS device. That repo is the tweak is called BrickingDate might be something you want to install. 



3)Date & Time

4)”Set Automatically” off

5)Change date to Jan 1, 1970 (Scroll up to get to year 2000, then go back, into date settings again, repeat until it reaches 1970)


There is a video of a user trying it and it not working. But this is not a all clear to try the above process! 


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