CirDock Tweak In Cydia!

So the tweak CirDock just came out in Cydia and I thought I would review it for you all. Personally I like it a bit more then Dock&Roll. It has less bugs for me on iOS 8.3. But it could use some work for sure. I am not a fan of how the icons in the dock are still on the springboard. I would like to see the tweak be able to hide those apps or not create a second version of the app. There is also a letter in the dock to the left. I don’t see a need for this. I would also like to see that being able to be turned off. 

Other then those two things all works fine for me. And I would say it’s one of the best $1 tweaks you can buy. So get to Cydia and pick up CirDock today!


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