Did Apple Beef The Red iPhone 7?

So after finally seeing the red iphone 7 personally I feel Apple might have dropped the ball on this one. As you can see in the image Apple went with a unique color scheme for this device. We have 3 colors on this device red, White, and silver. Now personally I feel the face of this device should have been black. Now silver it’s the Touch ID ring they made it sliver. On all other devices the Touch ID ring matches the color on the back of the device. Now not sure how this was over looked but for a first time releasing a device mid season they should have thought this through. 

I feel that a red back with a black screen now top it off with a red Touch ID ring. Now that would be a reason to get a new device. Not sure if anyone feels the same but I know I don’t think I will be picking one up. 

Do you think Apple beefed this one? Let us know. 


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