Do We Really Need A Jailbreak?

So with the release of iOS 10 I personally have been looking at updating my personal device from iOS 9.1 to iOS 10. Now what your about to read is a personal opinion. But do we need a jailbreak at all? A few reasons why I ask this question are.

  1. Cydia has almost been deserted. What I mean by this is close to a year ago we would see multiple new themes, apps, or tweaks added to cydia on a daily basis. But now we are lucky to see 2 new themes a day and they are not a paid quality theme. 
  2. With the new UI updates a lot of the looks we like are now basically in the iOS 10 update. 
  3. Beta release of WatchOS 3. Now personally I have a Apple Watch. And the new watchOS 3 beta looks amazing. It’s about time that apple added a massive update to the watchOS system.  
  4. Signing stores. Most users have become content with the use of signing stores over cydia.  

What do you think is iOS 10 a reason to loose a jailbreak? Do you think the community is in a real need of a jailbreak? Remember this is all my personal opinion. 


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