Do You Have Bad Battery Life On IOS 8?

After having the new iPhone 6 on ios 8 for about 24 hours. We have noticed that the battery life on IOS 8 is just horrible.
After about 2 hours the battery has dropped about 20% in 2 hours. This is just horrible when I have only sent 2 text messages. So if you have battery life you might want to look at your settings and make sure that you have them set right to help save battery life.

1) Identify battery-hogging apps
2) Change display settings
3) Turn off Bluetooth “if you can that is”
4) Customize Location Services
5) Turn off background data use “this is a big one”
6) Stop push email

These are just a few things you can do to help save your battery life. Let us know if any of them helped you!