Does Your Pebble Watch Not Play Well With The Jailbreak?

Well after doing some research on why after I would respring my device I would stop getting Notifications on my Pebble smart watch. And really not finding a answer or much help at all. Just others with the same problem as me and they to had no answer. I am not one to go to tech support very often. But after not coming up with anything I had to. This is the result the Pebble tech support came up with.

“It looks like the Pebble Bluetooth LE connection, which handles notifications, requires permission in order to resume receiving notifications after a disconnect (in this instance, whenever you respring the device).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear we have a workaround for this issue at this time, but we are looking into a more reliable means to do so.
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So that’s why you Pebble does not like your Jailbreak.


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