Fake Jailbreak For 8.2!

A few hours ago we reported a “simijailbreak” for iOS 8.2. We jumped the gun in our early morning getting ready for work we did not have the time needed to devote to looking into it. One of our trusted sources had tweeted it, and we hoped they had looked into their sources before posting the info. After getting the time I personally looked into the “jailbreak” that we posted about. And I can confirm that it is 100% fake. 

Apon installing the “jailbreak” it installs a profile to the link http://simijb.com/app after you go to the site it asks you to install Cydia. You click that link and it brings you to a donation page and you get the link to install Cydia after you donate. This is in no way a process any Jailbreak team will use. 

Again we are sorry we did not look into it before we posted. We have removed our post from our site as well as all our forms of Social media. This just goes to show that you need to look into all aspects of jailbreak before stating its real. 


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