Google Close to Making Android Wear iOS Compatible

A picture is making rounds on the internet with an LG Watch displaying a missed Facetime call. (Source: 9to5 Mac)

We had previously reported that Google has been hard at work to make their Android Wear lineup compatible with iOS. This would be possible through an application that would let you use your smartwatch for basic functions, such as receiving text and call notifications. At the moment it is unclear whether there will be more functionality available for these watches (such as health tracking), but being able to simply use a watch other than the Apple Watch with your iPhone (without a jailbreak) is a huge step forward.

The application is in its final steps of technical detailing, and we could see it debut in Google’s I/O Conference this coming May. For the moment, don’t rush into a store to buy that shiny new Samsung Gear S, let’s wait for the finished product first!


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