Hey Siri Always on in iOS9

One of the features that seems to be overlooked is the “Hey Siri” fucntion. In iOS 8, this is primarily only active if your device is connected to power.

A couple of weeks back I wrote an article about a tweak that enables Hey Siri to be independent of power, it’s always on. But while testing iOS9 Beta 5 and now GM, Hey Siri IS always on, no power cord or jailbreak tweak needed.

This is the one thing that Apple got wrong during their unveiling event this past Wednesday: they stated it was only going to be available with the 6s/6s+.

The big change for this feature is that you actually have to configure Hey Siri to be able to recognize your voice, done through the Siri settings. 

If you’re running iOS 9 GM, give it a try.


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