How To Easily Change Your SSH Password!

With jailbreaking becoming more and more common some of the new users don’t know some of the old school tricks. Like changing your default SSH password. This needs to be done if you have OpenSSH installed from Cydia. 

What is OpenSSH? Well OpenSSH is a tool that allows you to remote login to your Apple  device. And as you can tell you don’t want anyone other then you being able to login to your device. So changing the password will help stop the possibility of unsavory people remotely logging into your device using the default password, which is alpine. 

So all you need to do is get the Terminal app for your idevice. It’s best to use the Terminal app called NewTerm. We will be adding it to our repo today seeing it’s not on any default repos. After you have NewTerm simply type su in NewTerm then it will ask for the root password. “Note you won’t see the password as you type it” As I said before its alpine no caps. Next type passwd in NewTerm. It will ask you for your new password. You will need to make this a strong password but something you can remember. Retype your password and you are done. Now if you login to your device via remote login you will need to use your new password and not the default password alpine. 


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