How To Force Remove A Package From Cydia Via Terminal!

Today we where beta testing a package for the repo and for some random reason when we went to remove the package it would crash Cydia. So we where unable to remove the package until we did the following. 

First you will need the app terminal “New term” from Cydia. You will also need to make sure that APT 0.6 Transitions is installed. You will also need the bundle ID of the package causing you problems. Now that you have all that installed just enter these commands in Terminal. 

  1. Type su press enter
  2. Type your password or default password “alpine”
  3. Type apt-get update press enter
  4. Type apt-get –purge remove “bundle ID”
  5. Type y press enter 

This will refresh your Cydia sources and remove the package giving you a problem. Note this is only to be used if you can’t remove the package via Cydia. 


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