IOS 7.0.3 update

Well it looks like MuscleNerd has said that IOS 7.0.3 is safe to update to! This is great news for the people that updated before he said to wait. This also means that Apple might not have a idea on what exploits that the DevTeam is using in the next jailbreak. So feel free to update.



It looks like Apple has pushed a the update 7.0.3 out. It has been stated by MuscleNerd that if you are looking for a jailbreak you should stay away from this update till some tests have been run on IOS 7.0.3 to see if the exploits they have work or have been closed by Apple.  I would guess that Apple did not close the exploits if they did it was by luck. So it is best if you are looking for a jailbreak to stay clear of IOS 7.0.3 till the all clear has been given.