IOS 7 Jailbreak??


12-22-13 2:30PM





12-22-13 1:30PM

Well it looks like we all have got the christmas gift we wanted, a ios 7 jailbreak from the evaders. At first look this is a normal jailbreak release and we all should be happy. After a second look we see that there is a few problems. The main problem is that there is a china version of installous that comes with the jailbreak, and as most know the devs openly have stated that they don’t support piracey.



Another problem is that this version of Cydia is not the version that saurik is working on it’s more like a beta version that is very buggy with IOS 7.
And it looks worse for a lot of users of this jailbreak. Looks like we are seeing a lot of restore loops, not a lot of tweaks or apps are working, and more.

So with all this being said. We feel that we wont be jailbreaking right now. And will be playing the wait and see game. We feel that this will all get worked out. But we could be wrong.