Kodi Blocking Pirated Repos! Not What You May Think!

So we saw a post on Kodi blocking pirated repos the post that we read could be some what taken in the wrong way. It could be taken that kodi is blocking pirated repos from being used inside the app. This is not true. They basically have blocked the discussion of pirated repos on their websites, forums, and IRC. They have not stated of they will put a warning like Cydia has when you add pirated repos. But they could. I don’t see them going as far as blocking the repos from within the app. But if they choose to do so the community would respond by most likely removing the block in a custom build. 

So make sure to do your research on anything you read and don’t just take it for the gospel. We encourage you to do research on any and all things you read even from us. So here is the Wiki link to what Kodi has posted. So you can see for yourself. 


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