Make Your Own Pebble Watch Faces

I have been a proud owner of a Pebble Smart Watch for about 2 to 3 weeks now. There are several tweaks in Cydia that will let you send all updates from your phone to your new watch. There is also one that lets you see if you have a phone call or even an email. I have yet to find one that lets you make your own watch face. After a quick look on Google I found a website that lets you do just that. It is called Watchface Generator. This site lets you add a custom background to the watch face, time, date, and even a custom logo. After the watch face is generated you just need to email the link to yourself and open it in your web browser on your device. Your device will ask you to open it in the Pebble app it will install it to your watch after that.  This site is very easy to use and works very well.

Few limitations to the site are that you can’t make moving watch faces, or make it show your notifications on the face. But if you want a watch face this that is different from everyone else this site the site for you.

 We at dtathemes have made a dta watch face for our fans. Please let us know if you like it.


BQmQHvuCMAASC7D.jpg largewatch