New Theme Coming Soon!

As most of you know dtathemes also makes themes. And we are a big fan of Winterboard and theming your device. In the last few months I personally have seen no themes I would just feel like buying. Like the theme market has went dry. And we are currently not working on a theme. So we have been using out theme Mythos on all our devices. 

Until I saw this theme by @johncon68 on Twitter. We have yet to get the theme from him and test it. He said that when it was close to ready he would send us a beta. And from the pictures we can’t wait. We personally feel this theme could become a staple theme in the community, and we hope to see it on a lot of devices. 
What’s the price and name you ask? From talking to him the theme could be $2.50 to $3.00 he has yet to pick a firm price. And the name is a secret! So you will have to follow him on Twitter to keep up with the status of the theme. 


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