Proclivity New Package Manager!

Just saw this new package manager called Proclivity, and I do have to say it looks great. It just goes to show how far behind the UI in Cydia is.
Right now this is more like a preview of the package manager. And it has limited functionality right now. Below was fond on their site.

-Proclivity works best on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Updates will gradually optimise the UI for older devices during the development process.
-Proclivity has been developed for iOS 8, and backwards compatibility will be gradually introduced in later updates.
-Only community sources are supported for now
-Adding additional package sources does not yet work
-Cydia Store purchases do not yet work
-Downloading new packages does not yet work, when refreshing all packages will be downloaded
-Option to turn off optimising descriptions does not yet work
-Installing tweaks without restarting SpringBoard does not yet work
-Reinstalling and removing packages does not yet work
-Users with dynamic backgrounds may see a black background within the app
-Optimizing package description may not work in some cases
-After installing a package, Proclivity needs to be closed in multitasking switcher to install another package

Requirements Preview 1:
-iOS 8.1 (other versions may work, but have not been tested)
-iPhone 6 or higher
-50-100MB free disk space

Installation instructions:
-Add the source “” in Cydia
-Search for Proclivity and install
-Tap Settings and pull down to download packages for the first time


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