TetherMe, a brilliant way to tether

We all know that tethering is no no by many carriers and for a while now people haven’t had a way to cost effective way to tether until now! TetherMe is a tweak that costs $1.99 which overrides your carriers default settings on tethering and puts the data through your mobile network connection, not your tethering connection for no additional cost.

Of course, while this does not give you free data, it does allow you to use your 3G/4G/LTE plan with your MacBook or iPad when you are away from your home Wi-Fi connection. This is a great solution esspecially when you are out of town and do not want to pay for Wi-Fi from a hotel which can be a very steep price, depending on where you go. Or, you can use a quicker connection such your LTE instead of McDonald’s throttled Wi-Fi which can be pain to load the simplest of websites.

Sometimes, your carrier does use deep packet inspection which can cause them to detect that you are tethering and block you from your internet connection, (a quick reboot will rectify this matter). So, instead of using the default setting in TetherMe, you can certainly use a feature called ‘Override Data Source’ and set it to use a PPTP or L2TP VPN connection . You can get a very affordable and reliable premium service from Blue Leaf Hosting, (quick link). Carriers such as 3 UK employ this kind of technology to prevent abuse on their network.

TetherMe is fully compatible with iOS 6-8.4 and requires Cydia Substrate to function; you can buy it now for $1.99.


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