ThemeLib For IOS!

Looks like @coolstarorg is at it again. He has now released a tweak called ThemeLib on his repo.
This is yet another addon for Winterboard. If you don’t know who @coolstarorg is he is the developer behind the great tweaks ClassicDock, Classic Apps, and the new ClassicClock. Mainly tweak that has Classic in the name is his.
What this tweak does is let’s you theme a bunch of stuff that was broken in ios 7 and 8. It’s good to see the developers looking out for the themers.
If you are a themer and need the images that this tweak let’s you theme they can be found HERE. The post is from one of the top themer on the theme scene @JunesIphone. So get on over to Cydia and add @coolstarorg public repo.


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