Want BiteSMS Style Messaging? This Is How To Get It!

So I know a lot of users love the app BiteSMS and with the developers completely dropping support for the very expensive package. Users are simply just left with out a working package. And that void that needs filled. 

But today there has been a change. Note this package is not by the BiteSMS team, and you will need to add a 3rd party repo to Cydia to get access to it. All you need to do is add the repo below to Cydia. 


Now that you have done that you can install the package Columba for ios 9 from the new repo. Now this is a iOS 9 version of a paid package in Cydia. And we are not sure if it’s just a beta version or a full blown release for iOS 9. So enjoy while it lasts! 

But this package give you BiteSMS like features to your messaging app. And is free. So check it out!


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