What Side Will You Pick?

It looks like with the drop of Anemone a lot of new complaints about Winterboard has now come to light. Like the UI for Winterboard is old and outdated. That it’s slow and does not theme as much as Anemone.
Me being a themer I am looking at the 2 different apps that do the same thing. And themers will most likely have to add support for Anemone in their themes. So that will just be more work for the themers. And over filling the repos with different versions for the theme.
When looking at the stability of both apps Winterboard is so much better. With that being said I know Anemone is in alpha and nowhere near a beta. I have found quite a few bugs in Anemone in just the few minutes that I used it. A few are the theme does not apply and when it does the theme is very broken. The dock is off to the side and to low. And when the same theme is applied in Winterboard it’s just fine.
But what side will you choose Winterboard or Anemone?


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