What Would You Like To See With The New Apple TV?

I have been seeing a few posts that Apple is rumored to have a touch remote with the new Apple TV. So I thought I would share my opinion on what I would like to see if we get a new Apple TV soon. 

I would love to see some sort of AppStore for the Apple TV. I think that it would not be a stretch for that to happen soon. I really don’t see why Apple has not done this yet. A cool idea would be to come out with a Bluetooth game controller so you could play what games you have bought on your other iOS devices on the Apple TV. I mean who would not love to play flappy bird on their big screen. 

I would also like to see expandable memory or maybe a USB port. I don’t think this will happen Apple might feel it’s a place for exports so users could end up jailbreaking it. But one can hope lol. 

I don’t see much of a need to change the design of the Apple TV it just sits next to your TV. So I would hope to see some strong software updates. And great accessories to go with it. What would you like to see? Let us know via Twitter or in the comments. Also make sure to stay tuned to the site we will have more information on our Apple TV giveaway soon!! 


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