Where Did The IVs Button Go In PokémonGO++?

So most of you might have noticed that the IVs button is gone from PokémonGO++. This was something that I mainly used the ++ version for. So I decided to do a little digging to find out why this has disappeared from the tweak. So I found this on the official Reddit for the tweak. 

Jailbreak users, take note: This version requires the latest 0.61.0 Pokemon Go application due to more changes from Niantic.
Please note: we are still working extremely hard to restore the MITM services. This version does not include the MITM features at the moment. Unfortunately Niantic side changes in the app since 0.59.1 / 1.29.1 have made it much harder to extract the data for these features. Specifically, the MITM features include the IV checker, IV information on encounter, and map notifications (right side icons). Please note that these features will remain free for all users and will return when we have figured out how to get working again.

So what this means is basically Niamtic has made this feature unable to work with its current state. So let’s hope the developers find a way to add this back. We will keep you updated if it does.