Wireless charging coming to iPhone soon?

It is a big possibility that Apple is considering upgrading it’s devices to use a wireless charging technology, insiders say – then backed up by a recent patent Apple filed which showed a portless iPhone; which most likely means that there will be no connections for headphones and lightning. Wireless charging is outlined in a new patent filed by Apple and demonstrates that the ‘wireless’ charging and is incorporated on to the iPhone through the Apple logo, which will make the phone a lot more thinner since you are no longer relying on ports which thicken the device considerably.
However, this just mean that Apple has invented a new technology which can replace physical ports by using innovative technology and is stopping other people use it if they catch on to what Apple have done. This is a demonstration of how Apple is protective over their creations. Apple has had a very prominent history in filing for patents without then doing any thing with them; like incorporating into their technology.


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