Zeusmos Is Not Dead!!

Most of our users know that we tell you to use Zeusmos if you need to install any ipa that needs signed if you not jailbroken. You can also use Zeusmos with Appsync to install ipa’s if you are jailbroken.
After the other day when we tweeted something about Zeusmos we got replies like “Zeusmos doesn’t support much but they still take money! and “Zeusmos is dead.
So we reached out to the maker of Zeusmos and had a long conversation with him. There were somethings said that we can’t let you all now just yet. Lol ;-). But I can assure you that Zeusmos is not dead and that there is a change in the air for the way that ipa signing companies work and Zeusmos is at the head of the pack.
So make sure to keep your ear to the ground and see what Zeusmos has to offer.


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