Age Of The iCloud Bypass


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As most iPhone users that are on iOS 7 have saw Find My Iphone and iCloud Activation lock. In the last few months the community has been plagued by a over abundance of “iCloud Bypass Servers”. And with dtathemes having bought a iPhone 5C off eBay and it came in with a iCloud lock on it. We have paid close attention to the so called “iCloud Bypass”.
We have tried many servers and many methods to bypass the activation lock, all with no luck. To be 100% honest we have almost given up, and started to think its all fake.
The reasons why we have became skeptical is.
1) The devs only leave the servers on for about 2 hour bursts.
2) when you set the ip in your host file to their server most of the time you get a error like “The files for this device can’t be found” or “Network is not available”.
3) They have not released the files to the public so we can have more servers if it’s a server load problem with connecting.
4) The devs won’t answer what devices the bypass works for.
5) Some servers just don’t work.
With all those reasons we have became very skeptical of the “Bypass” and wanted to let you all know what we thought. So if you have bypassed the activation lock using their method please let us know in the comments below.