Cydia Substrate Gets Updated To Support New Jailbreak!

Today we see a update for Cydia Substrate to help support on the new Pangu Jailbreak. You need to do this update asap. Change log is below. 

Cydia Substrate 0.9.6200, on iOS 9.2+, “mitigates” :/ an issue of storage on the root filesystem when using a “semi-untethered jailbreak” (so far my favorite term for jailbreaks via an app vector) by stashing the installation target of extensions. It also fixes a bug in function hooking on all versions (though it should rarely come up) and has some minor modifications for recent versions of iOS (which should not cause problems on older versions, but if that happens I want to know as all versions are still supported by this package). The “volume up to disable” feature has also been modified to work correctly after the device has booted, which means you can now disable Substrate on iOS 9.2+ by holding volume up while using the jailbreak app from Pangu.