Enterprise Certificate Revoke Weekend Extravaganza!

It looks like this weekend has been full of revokes on enterprise certificates. Most of you know what a revoke is and a Apple Enterprise certificate is. But for those that don’t. A Enterprise certificate lets you sign a application to be installed on unlimited iOS devices. Now this is great for sites that inject ads into the application because they can get the application installed on many devices. So this gets their ads to be opened and viewed on many devices. This can generate quite a bit of ad revenue. Now a revoke is when Apple finds that you are breaking the TOS and abusing their certificates to install 3rd party apps and they revoke the certificate so it don’t work anymore. This will cause the applications signed with that certificate to crash.

This weekend we saw several certificates get revoked on the free services. Now this could have been by Apple or by the account holders. Right now looks like the revokes have stopped and we will see what happens with the enterprise certificate scene. This should be a warning to sites that use developer certificates to sign applications. Those sites are most of the time paid sites. We haven’t had a revoke on those certificates in close to 4 months. So this could be a glimpse of what’s to come. I would advise all users to backup their data in apps they care about just to be safe. Now with paid sites it takes a bit longer to get everything back to stable after a revoke. So just bear with your provider and give them time to get you back going if there is a revoke.