Flyte Twitter App In The AppStore!

The app Flyte has been around for some time now. But we are just not hearing about it. Witch is bad because it means that not a lot of people like the app.
So we decided to look into it and see what Flyte was all about. Over all I would say it’s a good basic Twitter app. It’s sure won’t win any awards in its current state. One of the major features Flyte is missing is notifications. And in a Twitter app it’s almost a must especially if your charging for it. This app is not a free app it comes in at .99ยข. But with the lack of notifications the money spent can definitely get you a app with a notification system in it.
Now to the good things. The app has a smooth UI, and keeps a great feel through the app. It even has some customization you can change in the app like the wallpaper behind the feed. This is a great idea for a app.
So over all I would use this app if it had notifications built in it. And I would rate the app in its current a 7/10. Let’s hope to see a update to bring this app up to date.