How To Get Umbreon And Espeon In The New PokémonGO Update!

So as most of you know we now have second Generation Pokémon in the app PokémonGO. This has been something most users that played hardcore when the game first came out have been waiting for. Most users by now have very close to full pokedex’s and have left the game because there has not been much to do. Well with the release of gen two Pokémon we now have 80+ more Pokémon to catch. 

Out of those 80 is Umbreon and Espeon. These two and a big favorite by Pokémon fans. So just like before you need to name your Eevee the name of the trainers in the tv show that had Umbreon and Espeon before evolving. Now nicknaming your Eevee Sakura will get you an Espeon and Tamao will get an Umbreon. I have not tested if you can do this more then once. So make sure your Eevee is worth the evolution before you do it. 

So get out there and have some fun with the new PokémonGO update!