How To Help Stop Pangu8 Bootloop!

We read this second hand and have not tried this yet but wanted to share it with you all to help prevent bootlooping your device. Only try this if you have just installed Cydia and have not opened it yet to let it prepare the file system.

>Make a full backup of your iOS device on iTunes before attempting any of these steps. They are to be performed at your own risk.

>Download the patched and replace the existing one with it in /usr/libexec/cydia on your device “use a SSH program to do this”

>While you are connected to your device, ensure you do not have a /User/Library/Caches/.csstore file at that respective location. If so, delete it before proceeding.

>Reboot your device. Do not open Cydia yet!
After the reboot, now allow Cydia to open and prepare your device’s filesystem. It should respring after completion.

>Now, you may enable Touch ID and Find My iPhone, to additionally use a passcode lock on your device.

Remember we have not tested this yet. It was read on Let us know if this works for you!