Is The Delta Emulator Still Relevant?

Looks like we have a new beta of Delta that was released a week or so ago. Now if you don’t remember what Delta is well it’s a emulator that’s been in beta stages for 2 plus years. The first beta was released in December of 2016. Looks like the emulator is still in beta at this time. But is it still relevant at this time?

The reason I ask is it’s kinda lost it’s hype in my heart. To be 100% honest do people still use iOS to run emulators in 2019? Personally if I am wanting to play some old ROMs I have several other ways to do so that play better then using a phone. I have a modded 3ds that can run everything that Delta can. Also at this time RetroArch works on iOS 12 with more supported Systems then Delta has. So it kinda feels at this time we don’t really have a need for Delta especially when it’s been in private beta for so long.

So what do you think do we still need or want Delta? Has the developer missed the hype train of iOS Emulators?