iWatch What Do You Think

iwatchFrom first look the iwatch looks a lot like a iphone 2G just smaller. A few things that scare me about the iwatch are the color screen, touchscreen “navigation“, and watchfaces.

Lets start with the color screen. The reason this could be a big problem is battery life. With a color screen it will use much more battery then other watches like the Pebble watch witch has a E-paper display.

Now touchscreen “navigation”. The reason I feel this will be a problem is people with big fingers. Looks like the screen being so small and big fingers you will have to back out of apps that you did not mean to go into.

Last is watchfaces. I feel that with how Apple is they will try to keep the OS a closed as they can. Unlike other watches you see that the OS is more open for users to make complete custom watchfaces.

Don’t get me wrong its a great looking watch. I just feel this model wont be the one someone wants to buy.  So I most likely will wait for the next model. With the iwatch coming in at a very high price of $349 I am about sure to wait on the next model.