Jailbreak Released By Luca Todesco Very Beta!!

So most of you have been looking for a jailbreak for iOS 10. Well looks like we have a very early beta. 

Now this is in a version of a IPA file that you sign and install. Currently I am iOS 10 not iOS 10.1.1 that the IPA searches for when installing. So I can’t test this. But as all jailbreaks when first released it still needs work. 

I would say that most signing sites will sign the IPA but it’s said that cydia impactor is needed. You will also need a free developer account to use cydia impactor. This is easy to set up. After you have made the Apple developer account login open cydia impactor and drag the IPA file found here on to cydia impactor. It will ask you for your login info you will need to put in the account login and password you just made. Cydia impactor will now sign and install the IPA. Now just open the new icon on your device. “The icon is a blank icon”. This will run a program on your device and will add cydia. 

Now remember that this is a very beta jailbreak and you need to make a backup of your device and be prepared to restore your device if it fails or you break something. Also most tweaks will need updated to support iOS 10.