New Jailbreak For IOS 7.1.1 PanGu

Well it looks like as most of you all have saw there is now a jailbreak for ios 7.1.1. This is something that most of us never saw happening, but all of us are happy it did.

There is a few problems with the jailbreak. Like when you jailbreak your device if you dont have a black box unchecked it will install a all pirated app store. This is something that you wont want to have installed on your device.

jailbreakAlso you have to set your time to a certain date and time.  The date is Sunday June 1 and the time is 3:54PM. This is odd I know but its what the program tells you to do in Chinese and I know I cant read Chinese. lol!

jailbreak2Now that you have your date and time set run the program PanGu. Windows Link Here Mac Link Here Uncheck the small black box and click the black oval. It will start the jailbreak and then it will stop about half way thru. Now you will need to click on a app that is now on your springboard, and then say continue.


After this the jailbreak should finish up on your device and the finish screen should show up on PanGU.  If you get any errors you will need to start over. After all is done you Should now have Cydia on your springboard.