New Tweak CustomFolderIcons In Cydia

We have just found this new tweak called Custom Folder Icons in Cydia. What this tweak does is replaces the tweak FolderIcons that has yet to be updated to iOS 7.1.X. This tweak can be found on @Magn2o’s repo witch you will need to add to your Cydia sources. “we have asked if we can host the tweak on our repo to make it easier for our users.
This tweak is not as easy to use as FolderIcons is, but it gets the job done. To use this tweak you have to migrate in iFiles to var/mobile/Media/FolderIcons/Backgrounds. This is the folder that the tweak FolderIcons used, and where most themes place the folder icons.


Now you will need to copy what icon you want to use as your folder icon. What’s cool about this tweak is you can use different icons for different folders.
Now that you have copied the icons you want you need to navigate to var/mobile/Library/CustomFolderIcons.


Now you will just need to paste the icons that you copied from the last location to this location. Now the last part is just to rename the folders to what ever your folders are named on the Home Screen. So if your like me I have all my jailbreak icons in one folder named “Jailbreak” and all my other personal icons in a folder named “Pete’s”. So in the new location for me I have two icons named “Jailbreak” and “Pete’s”.


After you have all the icons renamed you need to do go to the Settings app and make sure that you have nothing checked off in the CustomFolderIcons settings them do a simple respring. And now your folder icons should be changed to what you set them. To change the icons you will need to start over from the beginning with the new icons. Let us know what you think in the comment below.