New Update For BundleIDsXL!

We have a great update for the app BundleIDsXL. Some that might not know what this app does it lets you get the bundleid for apps on your device. The app also has a feature that lets you copy every bundleid on the device to the clipboard.

The new feature lets you copy every bundleid as well as the app name. This is great because some bundleids for apps don’t really explain what the app is. So now if you are a theme maker you can just have someone use this app to pull all their bundleids and app names. This will help make sure that the theme will support their device fully.

To get Bundleidsxl you need to add a repo to your package manager. That repo can be found HERE! This is a great app to have on your device it’s also maintained by a great developer. So make sure that you install it and get your bundleids to theme makers so we can make sure your icons are themed.