NitoTV Releases 10.2.2 Apple TV 4 Jailbreak! Codenamed Greeng0blin.

So with the iOS Jailbreak scene thriving thanks to Coolstar the tvOS Jailbreak scene thrives thanks to NitoTV. Now yes I know it’s not a iOS 11 Jailbreak for the Apple TV 4. But he has stated on Twitter that he hopes to add iOS 11 support in the future but right now it’s just 9.x to 10.2.2. The great part about this is at the time of this post 10.2.2 is still being signed for the Apple TV 4. If your looking to install the ipa you will need to use Cydia impactor or it will be added to the Signulous ipa library for those who want to use our paid signing service. His site can be found here that has the ipa on it as well.

Now NitoTV has worked very hard on providing the community with a Apple TV 4 Jailbreak so if you want to donate to him that can be done here.