Pebble Or Apple Watch? What Would You Pick?

With the demand of wearable technology rising I feel the top 2 would be the Pebble and the Apple watch. But I really feel in my personal opinion that Apple missed the mark on the Apple watch.
I know they said that they did not want to just put a phone on a watch. But that is exactly what they have done. And the price is just crazy. I mean it’s not even waterproof. The Apple watch does have a great design and I am sure once jailbroken will be a great wearable device. But compared to the Pebble watch it’s obviously lacking some great features.
The new Pebble watch has a color display, microphone, waterproof, and 7 day battery life. Compared to Apples 12 hour and replaceable battery. In my personal opinion the Pebble watch is the way to go just looking at the price. The Apple watch starts at $350 that’s $150 more then the Pebble Time. It looks like Apple is going to charge phone prices for a watch to me. What device will you pick? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.