Pebble Watch Is Unable To Pair

In the last few weeks I have been getting this error with my Pebble watch when I turn off my iPhones Bluetooth or walk out of range of my device. The error is “device is unable to pair”. This is something that just kills me. Because when you go into the app to make sure everything is setup right it looks to be working just fine. You just get no notifications form the device.
So the first thing I decided to do is forget the Bluetooth pair and power the device off. When trying to delete the pair. The device will forget the notification pair, but won’t forget the watch pairing. After about a hour of reading, deleting the app, rebooting and respring the device and the Pebble watch. I am on edge by now lol. So I decide to power the iPhone off, and boot holding the volume up button in for the entire booting process. What this does is makes the phone boot without any mobile substraight plugins. “It’s kind of like a safe mode”.
Now I go to the Bluetooth settings and I am able to delete the pairing. Next I just reboot the device and pair the Pebble watch and iPhone again.
This is a big problem I have had, and I thought I would let you all know how I fix this.