PokemonGO Gets Updated! Live In AppStore!

So the over night hit game PokemonGO has a update in the AppStore version 1.0.1. Now this is not a major update. All we are seeing here is stability fixes. Things they have updated are. 

  • Trainers no longer have to keep entering their login info if they are forced logged out. 
  • Added stability to Trainers Club account login.
  • Resolved issues causing crashes. 
  • Fixed Google account scope. 

So as you can see no new features have been added to PokemonGO. Will PokemonGO be able to keep the hype up without adding the features that where promise in the release? Features like trading Pokemon and fighting Pokemon not being in the app might help the app loose steam. Let’s hope they push a update to add these features soon! Also we have tested PokemonGOAnywhere with the 1.0.1 version. For me it required a reboot of device and reinstall of the tweak to work. But does work now.