Seng Auxo3 Rip-Off? What You Think?

Well from what I read the Auxo3 source code was leaked and from that we could now see more Auxo like tweaks showing up on private repos. Just like we have seen with the tweak Seng. The reason I say private repos is I am not sure if any major repo would accept at tweak with the Auxo source code. 

From the research I have done it looks like the source code was leaked to a few users by accident. And can now be found on the web. “I have yet to find it.” But the features that Seng has are very close or exactly like Auxo3. And not seeing either source code I am just guessing that they are very similar as well. 

A lot of users are not happy that Auxo3 a paid tweak has yet to be updated to support iOS 8.4. And there has not yet been any acknowledgment by the A3tweaks team that there will even be a update for Auxo3. But I would guess now the tweak could most likely loose support seeing that now you can get Seng for free! It can be found on this repo

What do you think? Is this right or wrong? Should official repos let Auxo like tweaks on their repos? Let us know in the comments below.