Sileo, Will it be Cydia’s replacment?

Since before the release of the Electra Jailbreak the maker of Cydia Saurik has been silent. With so many using the new Electra Jailbreak and not a word from Saurik it looks like Coolstar is at the head of the bus now. As we have seen in the past that when Coolstar heads something it’s most of the time redone in a updated manner. So why should the Electra Jailbreak be different? So with that being said Coolstar and the Electra Team have announced the birth of Sileo. From what we are told this is going to be the replacement for Cydia in the Electra Jailbreak and they will no longer support Cydia. This is due to Cydia being out dated. The Cydia app we are using is close to 2 years old now and is being held together by “band-aids, zip ties, and velcro” as stated by Coolstar on Twitter.

What this means is that Cydia being so outdated that the Electra Team have had to hack and fix it to run on the newer firmwares. Now what do we know about Sileo? Well we know that it will have a updated UI and that it will just be simply faster then Cydia. Its been said that purchases made in Cydia will carry over to Sileo. This is something that i will be impressed to see happen. With repos we will see default repos changed up a bit. Repos like Packix and others that offer purchases on their repos will now become the default repos. Also the 3 main repos hosted on Cydia now will be combined down to just one repo. This repo will only have packages that support ios 11 and above. This is due to Sileo not going to be having support for ios 10 and lower. So those users will still use Cydia and have to add the new repos that have purchases enabled on them by themselves.

So is this a end of a era? I am not to sure. In my time in this community I personally saw several Cydia alts released. As of now 1 is still up and running. That would be the recent released Installer 5. I think that Sileo will be different as it will function just like Cydia on the back end and won’t ditch the repo community. So that means repo hosts wont have to host a second copy of their repo for users to use it on Sileo. But only time will tell if Sileo will be the next Cydia.