The Story of JunesiPhone

To whom it concerns,

I’m writing this on the first day of Christmas 2013. It’s not a happy story, but is a story none the less.

My name is Edward Winget (Jr), I am a cydia developer. I create themes and tweaks and sell on the cydia store. Each package is NO more that $5, and is able to be purchased around the world.

I once was a manager at a Welding Supply Company, I juggled it and theming for 2 years. Theming took off, where I was now making more from it, than my daily job. In the mean time I was getting really terrible at my job. I would stay up all night working on devices. Therefore when I got to work I was drained.

I finally decided to quit my job, and pursue this job in modding for devices. I contemplated for weeks on this, before making the decision. When it came down to it I was very excited. I knew if thing kept as it was then I would be fine.

This didn’t turn out to be the case.. I dig great for a couple years, was really impressed so I put 100% into it, even decided to move away from everyone I knew to fully concentrate on this. For some reason I thought this was my moment to do what I enjoy, and live comfortably, so I got rid of everything. I need nothing really. A roof and a computer, and of course a few iPhones.

So I moved to FL, was supposed to move in with someone (cheaper rent for me to save even more money) This fell through the day before I moved. I didnt worry and quickly found me a place. Amazingly enough I have a nice place not even 100 yards from the beach. Wonderful!

Well not so much.. By this time iOS7 was released along with a new iPhone! As with every time an iPhone released, my sales dropped low.. real low. I had a good amount saved in my bank account. For what I was saving to buy a house. So I wasn’t to worried, I knew I could still pay bills during this dry time.

I even found a nice way to make money off the people who stole my work. (this kept me with food on my plate for months) Until I was banned for life from google adsense. It is against their terms to put ads in mobile applications. Which is kinda what I was doing.

Now comes the reason I am writing to you.  Its Christmas and a Jailbreak was released a couple days ago. Whenever a jailbreak released I would make anywhere from 5-10k off my packages. This was always much needed because the lack of sales from no jailbreak. SO think of it as a seasonal job.

Well the jailbreak was released not for users in mind. This jailbreak was released for a sum of money the team would make from releasing the jailbreak. With this jailbreak is not useful to any end user.

Even the creator of Cydia was left out, he did not even get to update the things users use the most.
This also made this seasonal job not a seasonal job. I feel I lost on quite a lot. Now today is Christmas, I’m sitting here thousands of miles away from my family, and i’m wondering how I could be so stupid..

This one thing that I put everything behind on, is turned into the biggest joke i’ve ever seen. Huge mistake on my part, sadly I think my family took the hurt the most. For that I am quitting. I have maybe 2 months rent left here and i’m going back home.  I will sell all my devices because I wont need them, this will help me finish my two months and make it back home. My bank account is a shame right now. Today I looked and had almost 500 of my packages downloaded on one product from a place that gives it away for free. I sold 5.. At $2.99 reason for that is people cannot download my packages. Its like this jailbreak is meant for 100% Piracy. I do not have the option to even update my packages. Instead everyone is going to the pirate repos. This is the ONLY way they can download anything. This is no longer professional.

I think you can see why I have to make this decision.

I have met some amazing people, those who do have a place in my heart. I really appreciate the ones who have stuck with me. I can not thank you enough and I am truly sorry.  -June

If you think this is all just about sales you misunderstood. I will elaborate..

As I explained to this person.


@Blwallace5 ok here goes once more. This jailbreak is not about users. It is about only money. A piracy app was added to the Jailbreak. It was then distributed as a jailbreak. Like you know. It was not a jailbreak, like you know. It did not have new Cydia or mobilesubstrate. Saurik was even unaware of the release. Ok they remove said pirate app. The china site is no longer accessed by Americans. They say china pirated there Jailbreak. Ok. All this fucks me. My job depends on the jb. A secure one. Not a piracy release. Now if your boss is smoking crack and doing dumb shit do you stay and watch it crumble or realize the fault and move on.
 This is no longer professional enough for me. On top of that you see what my numbers look like. Because of this jailbreak my daily income has dropped 90%. This is because users thought it would be a good idea to jailbreak.  What did they get? Root access. Thats it. What does an end user do with root access? Absolutely nothing.  Therefore it was not intended for end users.
By end user I mean you the person reading this, the one I create Jailbreak themes and tweaks for.

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